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Pricing Models

To meet the needs of our diverse clients, Sequent offers the following pricing models.

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The time and materials model is most commonly implemented if the scope of work is not completely defined at the beginning of the project or is likely to change within the duration of the contract. The client pays an hourly rate agreed upon at contract signing. This pricing model includes all costs incurred by Sequent during a project including staff time, licensing, stock imagery, travel and hardware.
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This is a popular engagement model that offers clients increased levels of comfort to invest in a project with a predefined budget and timeline. We offer clients this option when a project is short term, relatively uncomplicated and well defined. This pricing module requires a high degree of client cooperation, which enables us develop the appropriate estimates that act as a constraint for the entire project.
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Clients with projects of long-term duration (typically over six months) often choose to break out their initiatives into more manageable phases. For this reason, Sequent offers clients the ability to receive invoices and reports at the approved completion of predetermined stages in the project. Historically, these stages are defined by end points in a project life cycle, or based on specific time frames (usually monthly or quarterly).
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In addition to our design and development consulting services, we also offer clients the unique ability to have dedicated Sequent personnel work directly as an extension of their organization. Our in-house staff combines a rare mix of technical expertise with years of industry knowledge in the fields of IT health care and nonprofit organizations.
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In an effort to remain flexible, we also offer hybrid versions on all pricing models. Contact us to learn more about options for your company.