CASA for Children

Case Study: National CASA For Children

In December 2013, Sequent Creative launched the redesigned website for the national branch of CASA for Children. Prior to this endeavor, Sequent had successfully completed several custom web projects for various CASA campaigns over the course of two years. The overhaul of the organization’s national web presence included updates to the the main website, which was built in Blackbaud Sphere, as well as the addition of a blog, podcast and the creation of an internal website.

Less Is More

During the assessment phase of the homepage redesign, Sequent determined that visitors to the site were being bombarded with an abundance of information and images. By presenting too much information, CASA was missing out on important messaging opportunities. It was clear the new design needed to unify the organization’s vision by simplifying the imagery on the homepage and focusing on key concepts.

Rotator Banner

CASA highlights various campaigns throughout the year as part of their ongoing fundraising efforts. By implementing a rotator banner at the top of the homepage, Sequent provided CASA the flexibility to highlight current campaigns and events with a customized banner image.

Four Key Areas

As part of simplifying the homepage, Sequent highlighted four target areas of the website that represent the foundation of CASA’s online messaging to visitors. Each area offers a one-click option for visitors to quickly access key areas of the website.

These are:

  1. Featured Area
  2. Volunteer
  3. Donate Today
  4. Join Our Movement

I am for the Child Initiative

In addition to the homepage, Sequent also built the landing page for the I am for the Child initiative. By implementing the same visual imagery on this landing page as is represented on the redesigned homepage, Sequent was able to integrate this satellite site seamlessly.

Increasing Online Visibility

A streamlined redesign of the homepage allows CASA to showcase its charitable efforts as a nonprofit organization that supports abused and neglected children and increase online support in the form of donations and volunteers. By increasing this online visibility, both CASA and Sequent Creative hope to raise awareness about this issue and maximize CASA’s return on investment in a new and improved website.

Before and After

For a look at the improvements made to the landing page of the CASA for Children landing page, take a glance at the image below.

CASA Web Redesign