Kootenai Urgent Care

Project Overview

Kootenai Urgent Care was formed from a partnership with North Idaho Family Physicians and Kootenai Health.  Kootenai Urgent Care’s offerings continue to complement the medical services provided by primary care physicians in the North Idaho community. The set of services aims at helping patients who need care but do not require an emergency room visit, and are unable to be seen by their primary care physician.

For this project, Kootenai Urgent are needed a refreshed designed and a quick move from their legacy CMS.  We chose WordPress based on the expedited timelines and ability to train and pass on maintenance to their team.

  • Client: Kootenai Urgent Care
  • Category: Enterprise Healthcare
  • Launch Date: May 2019
  • Services: Web Site Redesign, Development, Architecture Migration
Kootenai Urgent Care

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