Web Content Development

Every website serves a vital purpose, which is to convey the organization’s message and appeal to site visitors.  This can be done in a number of ways.

An effective strategy typically combines a professional visual set of design elements with well-written content to engage and motivate the audience. Should be easy enough, right? Not always.

For a lot of organizations, writing compelling content can be frustrating. Where do I start? Is my message clear? What’s my focus?

If your team is facing these questions, Sequent Creative can help:

  • Perform an audit of your existing site content and outline areas of improvement.
  • Establish a strategy to expose key themes in your content.
  • Write clear, compelling copy for your site.
  • Provide extensive editor training of your content management system.
  • Ensure your content is optimized for search engines.


The words written on your site act as a road map for site visitors, driving them to engage in your business. Hastily written web copy can cause confusion and discourage site users. Sequent copywriters are well-versed in both traditional and online writing formats. We understand marketing concepts and tools and adhere to the guidelines of AP-style.

Content Strategy

Having trouble managing your published content? Sequent can help. We’ll audit your existing content, determine the goals you want to achieve, expose your existing pain points and develop an organizational strategy. This can mean the implementation of a content management system or the creation a more streamlined workflow.


We see search engine optimization (SEO) as one of many integral facets of the online user experience, but by no means the only one. Search engines might bring you visitors, but if all they find on your website is keywords and irrelevant content, it’s a wasted effort. That’s why we develop content that’s optimized for people.