At Sequent Creative, our core business is to provide enterprise-level website design, development and maintenance services.  We use a combination of analysis, creativity and strategy to deliver results. Sequent operates at the highest standards of quality, taking ownership of the solutions delivered. Let us help your company or organization expand online visibility, add new functionality, develop unique applications or design a site from scratch. We have the competencies to make your online initiatives a reality.

Usability and Design

It’s not enough to simply create aesthetically-pleasing websites. At Sequent, we put usability first. Considering the perspective of your audience throughout the design phases helps us translate business ideas into well-architected websites that are intuitive for users and easy to navigate.

Our experienced team of creative designers and business analysts understand and work under the guise that each site begins with the user experience.

To ensure positive user experience, our designs emphasize the following:

  • Professional and consistent layout
  • Maintaining corporate identity
  • Compatible color theming
  • Rational use of space
  • Intuitive menu structures
  • Layouts that comply with current web standards

Quality Through Refinement

Over the years, we have refined our design process to ensure clients receive a potentially award-winning design that appropriately communicates their business objectives.  The single most important lesson learned is that multiple iterations are absolutely necessary.  After launching over two hundred sites, we have yet to deliver a final design during the first round of mockups. And to be honest, we don’t plan to.

Our aim is to deliver a wide brush of creative concepts in the initial phases of the design process and narrow them down in subsequent revisions.  Inherent in this iterative process is the exposure of ideas that simply don’t occur during the first draft phase. This cooperative approach allows clients to be an integral factor in the final designs and has proven to be rewarding for all involved. The blending of mindsets offers clients the satisfaction of knowing that the final design is as much their vision as it is ours.