Website Design Solutions

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Website Design Solutions

Responsive website design simply refer to a website self-adjusting the layout to whatever device the user is accessing the website.  The three most common are desktops; tablets, and smartphones.

Non Profit Websites

Non Profit Website Design Solutions

Designing a non profit organization is special to us. Since 2001 Sequent Creative has led the way in development engaging solution for non profits to raise awareness or resources to benefit a cause.  We’ve taken part in build websites, donation forms, and event.  We specialize in working with Blackbaud Sphere along with Salsa and WordPress.

Healthcare Web Design

Healthcare Website Design Solutions

Sequent Creative is a leader in healthcare website design and development.  Since 2005, we have spent time launching new healthcare websites, or working on custom solutions behind the scenes.  Our approach with a health care organization requires a strict focus on the potential visitor, patient, provider, or family member.  Answers to basic questions need to be presented easily and quickly while not sacrificing the design elements need to highlight the quality and professionalism of your institution.

Construction Web Design

Construction Website Design Solutions

Designing a website for a construction company or architecture firm is a fun experience since there are parallels in our industry.  Similar to our web design methodology, these firms are start with a vision, conceptual wireframes/blueprints, client signoff on design, and finally a carefully orchestrated development process bringing it all together.  Over the year, we’ve launched some very successful websites for companies in the construction section.

Government Web Design

Government Website Design Solutions

Designing a website for a government audience is unique experience. While most clients are working hard to sell and idea or product, a government website design is more concerned with distributing information.  This approach requires a much deeper focus on the user experience and allowing information to get absorbed or downloaded as quickly and easily as possible.

Church Website Design

Church Website Design Solutions

Since 2004, Sequent Creative has been called upon to deliver professional solution for faith-based organizations and churches.  Each site, development project, or email campaign is developed with the sense of family values.