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Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website DesignResponsive website design simply refer to a website self-adjusting the layout to whatever device the user is accessing the website.  The three most common are desktops; tablets, and smartphones.

Single Source of Content

The old way to deal with the non-desktop environment was to create a completely separate website and redirect mobile users to it.  This method is known as “adaptive design.”  While the interface can be extremely useful to the site visitor is typically comes with a detriment to the organization.  Instead of having a single source of content represented multiple ways, adaptive design can require two separate websites to be maintained.  This becomes an issue in that an organization that makes a change to the desktop version, must remember to also make the change on the mobile site.  Quickly, this become a site management nightmare.

Our experience with responsive website design includes:

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If you site just doesn’t look good on a mobile device or tablet contact Sequent Creative today to see how our knowledge in responsive website design and development can be a strength for your needs.

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